How do I Install the Vinyl?

We recommend using our services to install your vinyl. However, if you are not located within our service area, we provide detailed installation instructions. We also provide specialized tips for each order to assist with the specific product ordered.

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What Type of Wood Sign can I Order?

We currently offer six types of wood signs:

  1. Stained Wood with Vinyl Design
  2. Stained Wood with Painted Design
  3. Painted Wood with Vinyl Design
  4. Painted Wood with Painted Design
  5. Decoupaged Background with Vinyl Design
  6. Custom Embellishment

A lot of the wood we use is reclaimed Iowa barn wood (that we personally salvaged). We have used wood over 100 years old!
We can add embellishments to your sign such as burlap, decoupaged paper, metal objects, etc.

Wood Signs, Picture showing Stacked Wood Boards

How Soon Can I Expect My Order?

We are diligent about getting your order done in a timely manner and providing you a quality product. Some items can be done in as little as one-to-two business day, whereas other painted items can take up to two weeks. Custom furniture pieces require a minimum of three weeks. When you contact us we will include the completion time. Most orders ship USPS and take just a few business days to arrive. We will communicate with you once the item has shipped and provide you with a tracking number.

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Can I Request a Color Sample?

Yes. If we have the color in stock, we are happy to mail you a color sample at no cost.

Color Swatch

Can I Request a Sample to Try on My Wall?

Yes. We are happy to mail you a sample of either the indoor/standard vinyl or outdoor/premium vinyl for you to try on your wall at no cost. We want you to be completely satisfied and ensure the vinyl will adhere correctly to your wall.

Vintage Metal Scale

What Colors and Fonts are Available?

We have a variety of colors to choose from for vinyl and paint. If you have color specifications (background colors and foreground/text colors) please include this information when you contact us. For our wood projects we also offer light, medium and dark stain as a background option. For vinyl designs, please visit our vinyl color specifications page.

We have access to several hundred fonts. If you do not have a font in mind we are happy to assist you in selecting the right font(s) to customize your item. Refer to our most popular fonts (PDF) for assistance.

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