We Make Ordering Easy!

Simply contact us to get the process started, we will gather the needed details as we work together.

1. Contact Us

To get the process started please contact us by phone/text at (515) 203-3527 or e-mail. You may choose to include additional information such as the type of product, design, measurements, color and font specifications. We can assist you in the customization process and it is not required when you initially contact us.

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2. Pick a Product

If you have a product in mind, please include this information in your correspondence.
The following is a list of our most common items.

  • Banners
  • Barn Windows
  • Business Logos & Lettering
  • Car Decals
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Cups & Tumblers
  • Etched Glass
  • Framed Art
  • Glass Blocks/Lights
  • Glass Jugs
  • Memory Journal Books
  • Monograms
  • Painted Wood Signs
  • Reclaimed Barn Wood Furniture
  • Stencil (Mylar Material)
  • Vinyl Designs
  • Vinyl Signs
  • Wall Art/Stickers
  • Wedding Photo Props
  • Yard Signs

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3. Design

If you have a design (logo, quote, words, lettering, photo), please include this information when you contact us. Attach your image(s) in an e-mail. It is not uncommon for a customer to come to us with a picture of something they saw in a boutique for us to recreate. If you have seen a sign or saying you like we can recreate it and put your spin on it! Feel free to browse one of our existing custom designs to personalize on any of our social media albums.

4. Color

We have a variety of colors to choose from for vinyl and paint. If you have color specifications (background colors and foreground/text colors) please include this information when you contact us. For our wood projects we also offer light, medium and dark stain as a background option. For vinyl designs, please visit our vinyl color specifications page.

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5. Font

Please include your font specification in your correspondence. Refer to our most popular fonts (PDF) for assistance. If you do not have a font in mind we are happy to assist you in selecting the right font(s) to customize your item.

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6. Measurements

For many of our custom products (unless it is a fixed size on a item such as a ceramic tile, cup, tumbler, Pyrex pan, cutting board, glass jug, etc.) we will need to know your total width and height. For vinyl lettering and wall art/stickers you can choose to either fill an area based on width and height or select the height of each letter (.5" through 11.5"). For furniture you can specify width, depth and height.

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We offer mock-ups for you to preview to ensure the design, font, color and measurements are accurate. We will not create your item until we have approval. There is a cost for each mock-up, however, many times this fee is reduced or waived once you purchase your order. We work one-on-one with you to ensure your complete satisfaction and the job gets done right.
*This does not apply to furniture.

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Once we have all the details on your custom order we will provide you a free quote or estimate. We offer discounts for bulk orders and fundraisers.

We also offer pricing discounts on signs/quotes/decals:

  • Ordering 10-24 same letters/numbers
    If you are ordering 10-24 of the same set of letters and numbers (font color and type) take 5% off the standard price with a minimum order of $30.00.
  • Ordering 25 + same letters/numbers
    If you are ordering 25+ of the same set of letters (font color and type) take 10% off the standard price with a minimum order of $30.00.
  • Orders of $150.00 - $249.00 ... 5% off the standard price
  • Orders of $250.00 - $499.00 ... 10% off the standard price
  • Orders of $500.00 - $999.00 ... 15% off the standard price
  • Orders over $1,000.00 ... Contact us for pricing

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